Introduction to Industry 4.0 in SAP ME/MII


SAP Industry 4.0 Key Features


Integration and Connectivity

SAP ME/MII (Manufacturing Execution/ Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) provides a robust interface for the seamless integration of machines, sensors, and various other systems. It enables real-time communication and data exchange across all levels of production.


Transparency and Analysis

With SAP ME/MII, companies can achieve real-time access to production-relevant data. This improves transparency and helps to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality. The software also provides powerful analytical tools to help users identify trends and make informed decisions.


Flexibility and Scalability

SAP ME/MII allows the customization of workflows and processes according to a company’s specific requirements. It therefore supports high flexibility and scalability to support the growth and changing needs within Industry 4.0.

Introduction to Industry 4.0 in SAP ME/MII in Your Teaching

SAP UCC Magdeburg offers two options for connecting to Industry 4.0. Either you get access to an exclusive SAP ME/MII system with the option of connecting learning factories. A maximum of 100 parallel users is recommended.

The other option is access to an SAP ME site with configured SAP MII in a shared SAP ME/MII system. In this case, the number of users is limited to 1,000. A maximum of 100 parallel users is recommended.

The pre-installed data of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a clear demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, ready-made presentations, case studies, and exercises that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The curriculum is available both in German and English.

… includes an exclusive Industry 4.0 landscape

  • possibility to provide and manage production orders for manufacturing plants
  • various plants from different manufacturers can be connected via the SAP Plant Connectivity (“PCo”) software
  • coupling of the ME site to one or more SAP S/4HANA clients possible
  • access to data from the SAP HANA database via SAP MII possible

… offers the opportunity to experience digital networking using a virtual factory simulation

  • based on Global Bike data set
  • virtual simulation
  • order preparation in SAP S/4HANA
    • preparation of planned independent requirements to create planning requirements
    • creation of production orders and transfer to the SAP ME system
  • production with SAP ME
    • accompanying the production of the production order with the help of the virtual fischertechnik factory simulation
    • getting to know the advanced functionalities of SAP ME

… represents a fully networked and modular production line

  • designed for vocational schools and universities
  • based on Global Bike data set
  • integration of a physical learning factory (CPS-i40®) from ETS Didactic
    • use of automation standards such as Profinet, Profibus-DP and OPC-UA
  • running through a complex process
    • entering a customer order in a web store (SAP ME)
    • order preparation in SAP S/4HANA
    • production with SAP ME
    • delivery in S/4HANA
  • possibility to create simulations using SIEMENS NX

… represents a fully networked production line

  • designed for vocational schools (SAP4school IUS client is mandatory)
  • integration of a physical learning factory of the company FESTO
  • playtesting a process

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