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Use modern SAP technology for your teaching and research. Enrich your courses with various practice-oriented teaching and learning environments tailored to different event concepts. Ready-to-use slide sets, case studies, lecturer’s notes and solution documents support you in conveying theoretical focal points. The underlying software enables your students to implement learned processes practically, based on SAP technologies.

The SAP UCC currently hosts SAP solutions for more than 650 German and international institutions and educational facilities, making it the largest center of its kind in the world. In order to be able to optimally support the educational institutions in training and teaching, curricula adapted to the hosting services are offered. In addition to support and training, these teaching and learning environments (TLEs) represent the primary offering of the SAP UCC.

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The model company Global Bike

The majority of our SAP teaching and learning materials are based on the data set of the fictitious bicycle company Global Bike.

Global Bike (formerly GBI) was developed to make it easier for students to identify with the product. The data sets are adapted to the level of the students and break down the complexity of an SAP system into understandable modules and learning units.

Since almost all UCC teaching environments are based on the Global Bike data set, a high recognition value is guaranteed among students – even across courses.

Here you can find more info about Global Bike.

All products for your teaching

SAP S/4HANA, the next generation real-time ERP suite

Understand business processes based on SAP Enterprise Business Software S/4HANA! Use the modular teaching and learning environment and demonstrate the integrative effect of business processes in practical case studies. Thanks to web-based access and the monitoring tool, the S/4HANA teaching environment is also ideal for distance learning.

Here you can find more info about SAP S/4HANA.

Customize your business processes with SAP Customizing

The teaching and learning environment teaches the correct mapping of organizational structures and process adjustments in a company. Analyze problems from fictitious employee conversations in the model company Global Bike and develop solution concepts. Use process analysis and process configuration to optimize the areas of finance, materials management and sales.

Here you can find more info about SAP Customizing.

The official SAP certification TS410

Prepare your students for an official SAP certification in 10 days!

Deal intensively with financial accounting, management accounting, inventory management and stocktaking, project management, human resources, asset management and maintenance, among other modules. Understand how these areas work and how they are linked to each other.

After completing the intensive course, participants can certify online with SAP Education.

Here you can find more info about TS410 certification.

Global Bike Go, the business game extension for S/4HANA

Discover our business game extension for SAP S/4HANA with Global Bike Go! Use the Serious Gaming learning approach to illustrate complex managerial and operational tasks in a playful manner. The games offer a good introduction to basic business decisions and subsequent process steps. The areas of procurement, production and sales are covered.

Here you can find more info about Global Bike Go.

Playful learning with ERPsim

Deviate from the usual course formats and motivate by through Serious Gaming! Teach business processes in a playful way on a real SAP S/4HANA system.

Teams play against each other, the competitive effect increases motivation. Different business disciplines have to be understood integrative and realistically.

The game is aimed at students with and without previous knowledge of ERP and can be used in various course concepts.

Here you can find more info about ERPsim.

Create data models in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Data models can be created in the Cloud Data Warehouse and then analyzed in the integrated SAP Analytics Cloud. Model creation, model visualization and model analysis are the focus of this teaching and learning environment. For this purpose, students learn how to use Data Builder and Story Builder. Students will learn how to analyze data and make business decisions based on that data.

Here you can find more info about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Modeling and evaluation of company data with BW/4HANA

Deepen your students’ understanding of central data warehousing concepts and modeling techniques with SAP BW/4HANA.

Demonstrate the concepts of data analysis and data evaluation as well as data preparation and data modeling. Both areas are independent of each other and can be used in the courses depending on the focus.

Here you can find more info about BW/4HANA.

Networking of production with Industry 4.0

Digitization processes in production: Illustrate the integration of business and production software in a practical way.

Demonstrate how the business software becomes the leading control system and how customer orders, material procurement, cost accounting, and work capacities are adjusted to current needs through data transfer.

By connecting SAP S/4HANA to production model plants of various industrial partners, this teaching environment is practice-oriented and flexible.

Here you can find more info about Industry 4.0.

SAP HANA, In-memory database and powerful development platform

Present core concepts, data replication methods and modeling techniques using in-memory technology. Benefit from access to an SAP HANA real-time database. Deepen your knowledge on topics like: Introduction to in-memory application development, data mining, geodata processing, text analysis and graph processing.

Here you can find more info about SAP HANA.

Internet of Things, Data streaming and its evaluation

Use the SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming Server to extend the SAP HANA curriculum with stream processing, predictive maintenance, sensor integration with RaspberryPi and data integration with SAP business software. The curriculum offers a hands-on teaching of learning contents for collecting, loading, visualizing and analyzing data.

Here you can find more info about Internet of Things with SAP.

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