Data Modeling in SAP Datasphere


SAP Datasphere Key Features


Cloud-Based Data Modelling

SAP Datasphere is a powerful platform capable of collecting, processing, and integrating data from a wide variety of sources. The flexibility to handle both structured and unstructured data, as well as information from SAP and non-SAP systems, makes it an extremely versatile tool.


Advanced Analysis and Visualization

For data analysis and visualization, SAP Datashere can also be integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud to transform data into meaningful insights. These insights provide companies with valuable information that can support them in making strategic decisions.


New Analytic Model

With this new function, it is possible to derive any number of analytical models from a flat fact table for later evaluation. A content preview of the facts and dimensions as well as an OLAP analysis are possible directly in SAP Datasphere. Each of these different analytical models based on the same fact table can be evaluated in detail in external data analysis and visualization tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

Data Modeling in SAP Datasphere in Your Teaching

SAP UCC Magdeburg provides access to the SAP Datasphere cloud environment for data modeling. For subsequent data visualization, the SAP Analytics Cloud is integrated. A total of up to 100 students can access the learning environment simultaneously. The sample data of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a vivid demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, such as ready-to-use presentations, exercises, and case studies that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The entire curriculum is available in German, English and Spanish.

… gives an insight into the basic concepts of SAP Datasphere.

  • What is a cloud?
  • important terms
  • functionality of SAP Datasphere

… explains how to navigate in the SAP Datasphere and the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud. Afterwards, users will be able to navigate in SAP Datasphere to work on processes and exercises independently.

… introduces the basic functions for modeling and analyzing data.

  • differences, strengths, and weaknesses between a cloud data warehouse and a classic data warehouse
  • demonstration of the general handling of cloud software
  • implementation of a simple data-mart for exemplary sales data of the model company Global Bike

… demonstrates the implementation of a merge of two different data models in SAP Datasphere.

… shows how a data flow can be implemented in SAP Datasphere based on different scenarios and how delta loading can be performed using the data flow.

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