Data Analytics and Visualization in SAP SAC


SAP SAC Key Features


Easy Data Analysis and Visualization

SAP Analytics Cloud has intuitive tools that allow users to explore their data, create interactive dashboards, and generate meaningful reports. These visual representations make it easier to analyze and understand complex data patterns.


Business Planning

Users can model scenarios and create and customize financial plans directly in the SAP Analytics Cloud. Special plan entry masks and individual user interfaces tailored to the requirements of the respective planning process make it possible to create well-founded corporate planning.


Predictive Analytics

With powerful predictive analytics tools, SAP Analytics Cloud supports companies in creating well-founded future forecasts based on company data. Manage sophisticated algorithms, detect undiscovered correlations, and predict trends and sales forecasts.

Data Analytics and Visualization in SAP SAC for Your Teaching

SAP UCC Magdeburg provides access to the SAP Analytics Cloud environment for data modeling and visualization. A total of up to 100 students can access the learning environment simultaneously. The sales data of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a vivid demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, such as ready-to-use presentations, exercises, and case studies that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The entire curriculum is available in both in German and English.

… gives an insight into the basic concepts of data analysis and visualization.

  • What is a cloud?
  • important terms
  • functionality of SAP Analytics Cloud

… explains how to navigate in SAP Analytics Cloud. Afterward, users will be able to navigate in SAP Analytics Cloud in order to work on processes and exercises independently.

With this case study, students learn the basics of data analysis and visualization and apply their new skills in SAP Analytics Cloud hands-on by implementing a simple sales dashboard for Global Bike’s middle management.

  • get to know SAP Analytics model types
  • create a story
  • visualize data using the Story Builder

In this case study, students create an analytical model that is loaded with their data and analyze it. They understand the dimensions and metrics of an analytic model and assess the model’s performance. With this knowledge, the students can create and evaluate their own story.

  • understanding the dimensions and metrics of an analytic model
  • creating and evaluating a story

The case study explains the creation process of a sales dashboard in responsive web design in Analytics Designer.

  • development of a mockup according to the requirements
  • creation of the position grid and responsive web design by developing elements of Analytics Designer (widgets),
  • creation of a cascading style sheet and custom user interactions by scripting

This case study explains the creation process of a dashboard in Digital Boardroom in SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • customization of existing stories and creation of a new story
  • creation of a geomap
  • creation of a model
  • creation of a dashboard in Digital Boardroom

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