Supply Chain Planning in SAP IBP


SAP IBP Key Features


Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

S&OP is an integrated planning process for sales planning that encompasses various areas of the company such as sales, marketing, production, and financial planning. It integrates past, present, and forecast data to create a coordinated production and sales plan.


Demand Planning (DP)

In Demand Planning, future sales volumes are calculated as the basis for inventory, procurement, and production planning. To do this, time series models, regression models, and machine learning are combined to create medium or long-term sales forecasts.


Analysis and visualization of key figures

The Fiori Launchpad provides various analytical tools and applications that enable data to be analyzed and key figures to be displayed graphically. The supply chain network app can also be used to visualize the structure of the supply chain and its spatial distribution.

Supply Chain Planning in SAP IBP for Your Teaching

SAP UCC Magdeburg provides access to the Cloud solution SAP Integrated Business Planning for flexible supply chain planning. Up to 100 students can access the learning environment simultaneously. An existing data model of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a vivid demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, such as ready-to-use presentations, exercises, and case studies that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The entire curriculum is available both in German and English.

… gives an insight into the basic concepts of SAP Integrated Business Planning.

  • What is a cloud?
  • important terms
  • functionality of SAP Integrated Business Planning

… explains how to navigate in SAP Integrated Business Planning. Afterward, users will be able to navigate the SAP Integrated Business Planning application to work on processes and exercises independently.

… illustrates Sales & Operations Planning using the SAP Integrated Business Planning cloud solution as an example.

  • ideal introduction to mid- to long-term supply chain planning
  • demonstration of sales planning in sales, marketing, and financial planning using an incapacitated heuristic and a realistic scenario

… demonstrates ABC/XYZ segmentation of selected finished goods and merchandise.

  • demand planning as a main function of mid-term supply chain planning
  • use of a realistic scenario
  • use of preloaded historical data of the past 12 months

… illustrates essential functions of Demand Planning in SAP integrated Business Planning.

  • demand Planning as a main function of mid-term supply chain planning
  • demonstration of demand planning using statistical forecasting techniques on the example of Global Bike’s trade goods
  • use of statistical planning on heuristic data

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