Training Environment for SAP Certification (TS410)


SAP Certification (TS410) Key Features


Comprehensive Training

The TS410 course covers all major areas of SAP S/4HANA, including finance, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and maintenance. As a result, students gain a broad understanding of the various business processes and their application in SAP S/4HANA.


Real Hands-On Experience

The course includes hands-on exercises to provide students with a real-world experience and help them apply what they have learned. This enhances the learning experience and prepares students better for their careers.


Official SAP Certification

Upon successful completion and passing the exam, participants receive a recognized SAP certification. This demonstrates their expertise and knowledge of SAP S/4HANA and can significantly improve their career prospects.

Training Environment for SAP Certification (TS410) in Your Teaching

SAP UCC Magdeburg provides access to an SAP S/4HANA system that is also used by other educational institutions (shared system). A total of up to 25 students can access one client simultaneously. For larger courses, multiple clients are necessary. The pre-installed data of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a vivid demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, ready-to-use presentations, case studies and exercises that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The entire curriculum is both available in German and English.

… teaches the basics of ERP concepts, the evolution to SAP S/4HANA, and its benefits.

…  explains the different user interfaces and the path towards SAP Fiori in the SAP S/4HANA system. Among other things, the different types of Fiori apps are presented. The first exercises take place to pave the way for further practical work in the other exercises.

… explains the different organizational units occurring in SAP S/4HANA. Furthermore, the concept of master data is covered.

… explains the business process of external and internal accounting in detail:

  • functionalities of external accounting
  • functionalities of internal accounting
  • the integration of external and internal accounting
  • master data
  • standard processes of external accounting e.g.
    • accounts payable
    • asset accounting
    • profit center accounting
  • standard processes of internal accounting e.g.
    • cost center accounting
    • activity types
    • internal orders
  • basic functionality of reporting

… explains the Human Resources business process in detail:

  • Human Resources functionality
  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • standard human resources process
    • e.g. organizational management, personnel administration
  • introduction to SuccessFactors

… explains the Materials Management business process in detail:

  • functionalities of Materials Management
  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • material procurement process (Procure-to-Pay)
    • from the creation of master data, through purchasing, to payment for delivered goods

… explains the warehouse management business process in detail:

  • functionalities of warehouse management
  • central organizational units
  • WM vs. EWM
  • transfer postings and stock transfers and which documents are generated in the process

… explains the business process Production Planning and Control in detail:

  • functionalities of production planning and control
  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • production planning and control
    • planning, control and accounting of discrete production

… explains the Sales and Distribution business process in detail:

  • functionalities of sales
  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • standard sales process
    • e.g. create customers, maintain conditions

… explains project management in detail

  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • project management process
    • e.g. cost project with planning, control, monitoring and closing activities

… explains the asset management and maintenance business process in detail:

  • functionalities of EAM
  • central organizational units
  • master data
  • maintenance process
    • includes inspection, maintenance, repair and improvement

All information in a compact flyer format:

You can download the flyer as a pdf file.

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How Your Apprenticeship Continues

The SAP UCC Magdeburg offers you further practical curricula on current SAP solutions so that you can realise the full potential of your teaching and your students.