Development in SAP S/4HANA


SAP Development Key Features


ABAP Development Tools

ABAP development tools (also known as ABAP in Eclipse) enable developers to create robust business applications. These tools support development with efficient and user-friendly functions for code editing, source code search, debugging, and much more.


SAPUI5 Framework

The SAPUI5 framework allows developers to create responsive web-based applications that display optimally on a variety of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). It enables easy integration with other SAP products and services and offers a high degree of usability and design flexibility.


Integration Services

SAP offers a range of integration services such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. These services enable developers to orchestrate and automate business processes across different systems, ensuring seamless and efficient business workflows.

Development in SAP S/4HANA for Your Teaching

The SAP UCC provides access to an SAP S/4HANA system that is used by other educational institutions (shared system). A total of up to 250 students can access one client at the same time. An exclusive system is required for larger projects and extended functions such as Advanced ATP, MRP Live, PP-DS, use of the live cache, or access to the SAP HANA database. The pre-installed data of the fictitious model company Global Bike enables a clear demonstration and testing of relevant processes and procedures.

Lecturers have access to teaching materials, ready-made presentations, and exercises that can be used both in teaching and in research projects.

The curriculum is only available in English.

  • introduction to the Eclipse IDE for ABAP development
  • implementation in application tasks
  • development of a first ABAP program
  • basic concepts in ABAP programs
  • focus: Data types and data manipulation with the most important instructions and data-driven inferences
  • use of external programs and functions (BAPIs)
  • introduction to the Data Dictionary (storage location of all created data objects of a SAP system)
  • explanation of database access using SAP OpenSQL
  • development of an ABAP program for reading and manipulating data
  • introduction of Dynpros (combination of program logic and graphical user interface)
  • advantages of modularization (avoiding repetitive program code and reducing the complexity of a program)
  • presentation of different possibilities of modular outsourcing of program code in ABAP
  • focus: function modules
  • concept of object-oriented programming
  • focus: Implementation & Usability in own ABAP programs
  • use of previously defined lock objects to ensure data consistency (with multiple concurrent read and write operations on the same data record)
  • definition and handling of the different exception types in ABAP
  • creating an HTML5-based web app using Eclipse IDE
  • configuring the layout with CSS
  • programming the logic of the web app in JavaScript
  • creating an SAPUI5 application using XML & JavaScript
  • explanation of the Model View Controller (MVC) concept
  • explaining how to deploy the SAPUI5 application in the SAP system
  • presentation of the entire lifecycle of an OData service
  • development of an SAPUI5 app consuming an implemented OData service
  • deployment of the app into the SAP backend
  • basic principles of SAP Fiori
  • configuration and personalization of a custom launchpad
  • creation of an analytical app based on OData and corresponding SAPUI5 controls
  • connection of data from the OData service to the smart controls
  • deployment of the app into the SAP backend

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