SAP Model Company Global Bike

Global Bike

Global Bike Key Features


High Recognition Value

Thanks to the consistent use of the Global Bike data set in our UCC teaching materials, teachers and students quickly develop a familiarity with the scenarios and processes. This consistency ensures that what has been learned is firmly anchored and facilitates overarching integration into various courses and projects.


Practice-Oriented Scenarios

Global Bike depicts typical operational sub-processes of a medium-sized manufac­turing company. The data sets are specially adapted to the level of the students, which reduces the complexity of an SAP system to comprehensible modules and learning steps. Students learn in realistic situations how employees master daily challenges.


Modular and Flexible Learning Concept

All Global Bike teaching and learning environ­ments are structured identically. Lecturers not only receive ready-made presentations for theoretical teaching, but also tasks, case studies and further challenges for practical exercises on SAP systems. The content is modular, allowing flexible integration into curricula. We also offer extensive advice on solutions, trouble­shooting, and success checks.

The SAP Model Company Global Bike in Your Teaching

Experience Global Bike as a clearly structured, ready-to-use, and highly effective way to teach and reinforce SAP skills. Visit our product pages to find out more about our innovative teaching and learning environments!

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